Do-it-yourself approach

To apply a service management method, you do not need to hire expensive external consultants or follow a complicated approach: if you have the required skills in-house, you can do it step-by-step, in your own way, with your own staff. The approach to follow here is described in the USM book:

“The USM method” describes the latest information about standardizing a management system for service providers. The method is unified in terms of an integrated, universal, holistic, and systematic approach to managing any service domain. It provides powerful support for integration and supply chain management.

The standardization is ideal for setting up interdisciplinary Shared Service Centers (iSSC’s) in all facility management’s service domains, including medical technology, human resources, IT, as well as in any primary business domain like healthcare, government or finance. The USM approach is focused on teaching organizations to change and improve with internal staff. Knowledge is key. The implementation of USM is supported by a light coaching, but only in cases where users do not have the required resources.

The USM-book contains the underlying theory and methodology, describes the required roles and other mechanisms, and presents detailed examples of a process model for your service domain.

For this do-it-yourself approach, your organization requires an experienced internal change manager, who knows how an improvement project is managed and who has the required supporting means. To improve the result of a do-it-your-self approach, a two-day training for the management team is recommended.

Dozens of organizations, large and small, in a variety of industries have already benefited from a successful application of service management methods. Read  their experiences here.