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Architect, stick to your trade!

In practice, architects are often builders, developers. So then they are butchers who are testing their own meat. Why doesn’t an architect confine himself to his primary role: designing and managing a set of rules and guidelines that contribute to consistent results? That architect can then monitor that those principles are properly followed by the […]


PTO – the new pandemic

We all do it. You do it. Your neighbor does it. Your co-workers do it. Your family does it. Your consultants do it. You even learned it in school from your teacher. PTO – Polishing the Outside. We’ve been doing it for decades. All over the world. You can rightly call it a pandemic. With […]


Framework mapping – a toy for consultants

And here it comes again: a long discussion on LinkedIn on the mapping of practice-based frameworks. Meaningless. Waste of time. A toy for consultants. And never a conclusion. There’s no dispute on the value of those practice-based frameworks (in this case ITIL4 and COBIT and IT4IT). They all provide valuable inspiration. But the idea that […]


Tool selection: blindfolded or new spectacles?

A few days ago, the LinkedIn group [ITIL & ITSM tools] showed an interesting post: “I am looking to replace the existing ITSM tool being used in my organization. Looking forward for some suggestions.” As can be expected, several group members came up with the usual response. They named their favorite product. Except for two […]


Why user errors are not incidents

Case 1: A user reports “I lost my password, can you reset it for me?” Case 2: A user reports “I lost the key to my locker, can you get me a new one?” Case 3: A user reports “I made an incorrect entry in application X, and now my data is corrupted, can you […]