icon-training-100Inform-IT provides top-class training in the field of IT management, sometimes in-house and sometimes open enrollment, both onsite and online. As an accredited Education partner of the SURVUZ Foundation, Inform-IT provides exclusive courses on the USM Method (Unified Service Management).

USM courses are designed for service providers in any line of business (IT, building management, HRM, housing, finance, telco’s, municipalities, etc.). USM can be a great solution for organizations that seek an Enterprise Service Management strategy, or that need to set up cooperation models for interoperability goals, e.g. for interdisciplinary service teams in Shared Service Centers or nationwide networks that manage government services or health care services.

Training courses

Those who have taken the USM Foundation training, can continue with a professionalization track, to be able to deliver USM-based services as a pro. USM Foundation trainings are delivered by accredited Education partners of the SURVUZ Foundation and by certified USM trainers. Inform-IT only delivers the USM Professional training.

Upon request, and only in an in-house format, Inform-IT provides USM Masterclasses.

For the SURVUZ Foundation, Inform-IT also delivers the USM Trainer Assessment and USM Coach Assessment of seasoned experts who want to understand more about Systems Thinking applied to Service Management, with the architecture of the USM Method.

Your trainer is always Jan van Bon, (co-)author and (co-)developer of 100+ books on IT management and of the USM Method. He is only available for a few training sessions per year. For broader application of USM training, please refer to the accredited USM Education partners. Note: all accredited USM education partners work with the same set of certified USM training resources and deploy only certified USM trainers.

Masterclass SLA Revision

SLAs still lead to constant ‘hassle’ between customers and providers. The cause is often found in the outdated structure of that SLA and the lack of alignment between the perception of the customer and the thinking of the provider. This can be easily fixed in a one-day USM Masterclass SLA Revision , in which the practical usefulness of USM is demonstrated.

Inspiration and introduction sessions

Besides training, Inform-IT also provides inspiration and introduction sessions on Service Management. A client can then determine which topics need to be addressed. This can be about DevOps, about governance, about insoucing or outsourcing, about tooling, etc. Be surprised with an out-of-the-box approach to complex or strategic issues, and experience how easy work becomes when you can see the forest for the trees again.

Training Text Strategy

A substantively excellent service can come across catastrophically with poor communication. As a training partner of the SURVUZ Foundation and the Foundation for Powerful Words, Inform-IT provides Text Strategy training. With a surprisingly simple approach, professionals can learn to structurally improve the effectiveness of their texts (quotations, SLAs, reports, customer contacts, etc.) according to a methodical working method. The Text Strategy training can be perfectly combined with a USM training course and is delivered by the author of the “Text Strategy” method.


For all training courses, go to the detail page in the shop, contact Inform-IT, or fill out the request form.