Training portfolio

icon-training-100Inform-IT provides top-class in-house courses in the field of IT management.
Your trainer is always Jan van Bon, author and co-developer of the USM, ISM, and FSM Method.
As an accredited partner of the SURVUZ Foundation, Inform-IT provides courses on the USM Method (Universal Service Management).
These courses are designed for service providers in all facility management sectors (building management, human resources, information services, housekeeping, finance, etc.), for business domains (telco’s, municipalities and other service providers), and interdisciplinary service teams (Shared Service Centers).

Inform-IT provides a two-day USM Foundation training and a half-day USM Exam training.
After the USM training an exam can be taken.

Inspiration and introduction sessions

Besides trainings, Inform-IT also provides inspiration and introduction sessions on IT service management. A client can then determine which topics need to be addressed.

For all in-house courses please contact Inform-IT, or fill in the application form.