Inform-IT, Knowledge Center for Service Management, develops, promotes and distributes knowledge in the field of service management.

In the 75 second video you will recognize lots of issues in a daily practice. USM provides a standard management system that enables you to prevent these issues.

With USM, a service organization manages its policies with no more than 5 processes and 8 workflows that can simply be automated.

USM is applicable in any service domain and provides the perfect support for Enterprise Service Management, Integrated Facility Management and OneFM. The USM-Core provides you with the tools all service organizations need.

USM provides the blueprint for your improvement approach, your policies, your organization and your tooling.

With no more than 5 processes and 8 workflows, any service organization can fundamentally improve its policies and its services.

USM is the last step in the evolution of service management systems.

USM can easily be learned, can be applied in a quick and flexible way, without the usual big investments.

Met zeer praktische trainingen en aanvullende hulpmiddelen komt de serviceorganisatie snel in control van z’n dienstverlening.

USM is in te zetten in alle disciplines, van ICT tot zorg, van gebouwenbeheer tot beveiliging, van telecom tot overheid.


Inform-IT ondersteunt uw toepassing van USM met trainingen, tools, templates en coaching.

Inform-IT, with its extensive experience in Service Management, is your ideal partner for developing and improving your service organization.

Inform-IT is an accredited partner of the SURVUZ Foundation, and has access to a pool of certified USM experts.