Inform-IT, Knowledge Center for Service Management, focuses on the development, promotion, and distribution of knowledge in the field of service management. Inform-IT is managed by Jan van Bon.

A structured approach to service paves the way for service excellence and to customer satisfaction. But which structure supports the manager to get in control of his organization, process and performance? Which approach creates stability and room for innovation?

The solution is as simple as it is effective: do not work from practices, but start at the base with clear principles. From there, work step by step towards these practices. This approach requires a method: the USM method is the generic method for all service organizations.

USM (Unified Service Management) was developed by the SURVUZ Foundation as the standard management system for all service organizations. They include facility organizations such as building management, security, human resources, finance, IT, catering, logistics and cleaning, but also primary process areas including healthcare, government, education, telecommunication, etc. The method provides a simple, standardized and quickly learnable process, based on business principles, and is ideal for setting up interdisciplinary teams (e.g. Shared Service Centers).

The USM book describes the latest developments in management systems for service organizations, aimed at achieving service excellence. Apply the USM method in your own organization, and by the end of the year you leave your auditor amazed. Whether applied to NEN7510, EN15221, ISO27001, COBIT, ISO20000 or any other standard, the trail towards these targets has never as straightforward as with the USM method.