Inform-IT, Knowledge Center for Service Management, develops, promotes and distributes knowledge in the field of service management.

Only few things are more variable than services. However, service management is universal.
Mature service organizations can set up and integrate their routines, their organization and their tooling in a quick, easy and cheap way with the help of the USM method: Unified Service Management. This is how they lay the foundation for a customer-focused, continuously improving organization. With USM they reduce the complexity of their organization and tooling, and they enable sustainable service delivery.

Learn how to manage your routines with a service management system of no more than 5 processes and 8 workflows. The USM management system is based on a thorough service management architecture and can be automated in a simple and effective way.

USM is applicable in any service domain and provides the perfect support for Enterprise Service Management and Integrated Facility Management. The SURVUZ Foundation supports all users and providers with free instruments to apply USM knowledge.

USM provides the blueprint for your improvement approach, your policies, your organization, and your tooling.

With no more than 5 processes and 8 workflows, any service organization can improve its routines and its services.

USM is the last step in the evolution of service management systems.

USM can easily be learned. You van apply USM in a quick and flexible way, without the usual big investments.

With very practical training and additional products, the service organization can quickly get in control of its service delivery.

USM can be applied in all disciplines, ranging from  ICT to health care, from building management to security, from telecoms to government.

Inform-IT, the Knowledge Center for Service Management,  supports your deployment of USM with training and knowledge products.

Inform-IT, with its extensive experience in Service Management, is your ideal partner for improving your service organization.

Inform-IT is an accredited partner of the SURVUZ Foundation, and has access to a pool of certified USM experts.