Improvement projects

icon-verbetering-100Many organisations, large and small, in various industries, have already improved the way they work, as well as their services, with Service Management Methods. Without exception, these organizations had already previously attempted to achieve their goals with best practice frameworks, without lasting effects.

If you also want to apply a methodical approach,  you can choose from 3 options:

  1. DIY – Read a book and do it yourself
  2. Training – Take a USM course with your management team, so all managers understand the USM method. Then apply what they’ve learned, to your own organization.
  3. Bespoke – Follow a guided bespoke deployment, with maximum influence on localization choices.

In all options, deployment is much faster and more effective than in conventional improvement projects based on best practices. Since the introduction takes less time it will also be much cheaper. And because the method is focused at self-learning, with your own staff, there is also a more lasting effect, with less fall-back behavior than with traditional improvement projects where the improvement are managed by hired staff.