About Inform-IT

Inform-IT is the company of Jan van Bon, launched in 1996.

I am a knowledge worker. I have always focused on developing applicable knowledge, and I will do so as long as I am active in the field of service management. Within Inform-IT, I will work on:

  • the development and dissemination of knowledge in the domain of service management, stimulating the associated communities
  • supporting the USM Method
  • publishing knowledge carriers
  • advising, coaching, training, and improving service organizations.

In line with these community goals, I’ll also be spending my energy on a global network of hospitable travelers, in the second half of their lives, who want to build a strong social network to contribute to a better world: ConnectingFriends. There’s more to life than just work…

If you want to work with me, you’re very welcome! I can be reached through the following channels: