What is a method?

A method is characterized by a way of thinking, modeling, working, managing and supporting. An adequate method for service management should in all respects support the operations and the management of a service organization. Such a service management method must therefore be based on a robust service management architecture.

Methods versus best practices

Applying such a method limits the efforts of a service organization and supports the consistent application of practices, which considerably increases the chances of a long-term successful service. By far the most ‘methods’ are actually just reference models that have been drawn up on the basis of best practices. For this reason, purer service management methods have been developed.

Methods in practice

The application of service management architecture has led to a simply learnable and practical method, Unified Service Management (USM), the last step in the evolution of service management methods. From the beginning of 2017, Inform-IT only supports USM, which is applicable to all service organizations and contains a powerful workflow engine. The USM method is of great value in structuring the organization and routines of teams as well as enterprises, and excels in e.g. service integration and management situations (SIAM), interdisciplinary services, shared services organizations and integrated facility management (IFM / OneFM).