SIAM is a hoax

ripplesA couple of days ago, on a late Sunday evening, I – once again – ran into a topic that was taking on hype proportions, and I was – once again – annoyed by the easy acceptance of this by the market. This time the topic was SIAM: Service Integration And Management, a ‘framework’ focusing on the management of multiple provider environments in IT. The material covered useful guidance – to a certain level. The reason for my annoyance was that it simply built on ITIL, without acknowledging the fact that ITIL projects never deliver what they promise to deliver – which imho is caused by the fact that most “ITIL consultants” don’t know what they are doing.

So I decided to just write down what annoyed me so much, referring to all the sources that I had seen passing by in the last couple of months.

And then it happened.

tsunamiI thought I threw a pebble in the water, but it caused a tsunami. So it couldn’t have been a pebble… In spite of the fact that blogs on ITSM topics are written by the dozen on a daily base, this specific blog caused quite a fuzz, both in LinkedIn, in Facebook, and in Twitter.

Am I so important, that anything I say is weighed on a gold scale? Can’t be. Dis I hit a nerve then? Were it really the emperor’s cloth that I had turned into a see-through fabric of plain air?

I invite you to read the channels and draw your own conclusions.

The initial blog was published at LinkedIn. It attracted a lot of comments.

The most intense response was found at Facebook, in the Back2ITSM group.

My response to all that was thrown at me was then published at LinkedIn again.

Have fun reading it, a be amazed at the way the ITSM establishment responded to simple blog.