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Do you, as a professional, want to help others with the deployment of USM, then learn in 3 intensive days how to help them set up their routines, tooling, and organization, with no more than five processes and eight workflows, in an easy to learn management system, based on the USM method. The qualification to help an organization in organizational improvement projects, tooling projects, certification projects, or in the design and improvement of Shared Service Centers.

The USM Professional training is delivered both online and onsite, and is intended only for professionals who want to offer USM services: training, coaching, auditing, or product support. Those who want to learn to use USM in their own organization can take the two-day USM Foundation training. Inform-IT only trains professionals in the USM method.

USM is an eye-opener, even for seasoned experts. After a USM training you will never look at service management the same way again.


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If you want to use USM as a professional for training, coaching programs, audits or tool setups, you can participate in a USM Professional training course.


Service organizations that want to get in control of their service delivery can use USM, the Unified Service Management method. The professionals who support them in this are called USM Professionals. These professionals first follow an intensive three-day training, with more material, exercises and discussions than in the USM Foundation training, so that they are able to help others with the deployment of USM. After that, each USM Professional is subjected to an assessment in which the candidate demonstrates that he/she understands USM, can explain to others how USM works, and is able to use the USM tools in the intended manner.


The USM training deals with the management system of service providers. With USM, the participant learns to make practical choices for managing their own organization. Choices that are now well-founded and easy to understand, because they are based on a powerful service management architecture. This creates insight and calm in the organization, the management, and the routines. This in turn is a precondition for a structural improvement of the organization's performance.

Employees learn to understand each other better with USM. Standardization of routines (across multiple disciplines and organizational units) is now within reach and supporting tools are easier and more effective with USM.

The USM training emphasizes the process-oriented design of the service organization and its working methods, based on the conviction that processes are the shortest and most efficient way to the customer's relevant goals. However, USM goes one step further and focuses entirely on the workflows that ultimately organize the work. Organizations that have a strong focus on hierarchical or project-based routines - or even have based their organizational structure on them - can gain a lot in effectiveness and efficiency with this. The USM Professional training follows the contents of the USM Foundation Syllabus. The SURVUZ Foundation owns the copyright of the training materials.

The USM Professional training offers the following:

  • three full days plus an evening program
  • full USM Foundation program, but with extra exercises to teach the USM method and extra time for discussions
  • USM Foundation exam at the end of the second day
  • a copy of the book "Unified Service Management - An Introduction"
  • accommodation in a unique meeting location in the middle of the country
  • 2 x nights, 2 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 2 x dinner, drinks during the aperitif and evening included


Knowledge of USM is tested by means of the USM Foundation Exam. Successful candidates can (with their permission) be registered in the USM Register. The exam at €150 is included in the training.


No specific previous training is required. The USM method is easy to learn. Reading the USM study guide in advance will enhance the effect of the training.

Group Size

The on-site training is suitable for groups of 6-12 participants. The online training is suitable for groups of 6-8 participants.


Onsite trainings are offered in the Netherlands. The venue may vary but is always somewhere near the center of the country. The September 2022 edition in the Netherlands will be held in the Villa Vennendal venue, at 1 hour and 45 minuted by train from Schiphol Airport. The venue is at a 5 minute walk from the train station.


Register for the USM Professional training using the form under the Request tab. The available dates are listed there.


Feedback on the latest three-day online versions of USM training:

  • "This course is highly recommended. USM belongs in the baggage of every IT manager (actually every person responsible for anything in a service organization) and every service management consultant. [director training organization, ITIL ATO]
  • "It was a great pleasure to understand and read the book and to follow this Boostcamp, thanks!" [director of application management organization]
  • "Excellent training that meets expectations. The trainer inspires and triggers participants." [manager IT service provider]
  • "I have found your book and training very instructive. It is finally an answer that can take me further after years of working with ITIL." [management consultant]
  • "Thanks for a great course!" [management consultant and trainer]
  • "Great course and very well delivered!" [management consultant and trainer]
  • "Thank you for the excellent training." [management consultant]

Average evaluation score of the Dutch training version in 2020/2021: 8.9
Average evaluation score of the English training version in 2020/2021: 9.4

The three-day ONSITE training is delivered for € 1,750, including facilities, lodging and accommodation costs, and including the USM study guide and the USM exam. The four-day ONLINE training is delivered for € 1,250, including the USM study guide and the USM exam. Prices ex VAT.

The VAT is transferred to your own local tax system, if you can provide your VAT number. You will receive an invoice for a bank transfer.

If you want to book your seat for a USM Professional training in 2022, please register below. If the available dates do not suit your agenda, you can register for the waiting list. We'll then let you know when new dates are available. In order to avoid the VAT, you'll have to fill in your local VAT number. If you do not have a local VAT number for your own tax administration, 21% Dutch VAT is added to the list price.

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  • To guarantee enough interaction during the training, a minimum number of 6 participants is required. Inform-IT reserves the right to postpone the training if that minimum number is not reached. Participants will then be offered an alternative date.
  • Participants can cancel their registration up to two weeks before the start of the training. For a registration that is cancelled after that period, 50% of the participation fee is due.