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In 3 intensive days, you will learn how to define a service management architecture and how to construct a service management system in your service organization, with USM (Unified Service Management). In 6 blocks of 2-3 hours, you will learn how to set up your routines, your tooling, and your service organization, with no more than five processes and eight workflows. A very simple set of (free) templates will help you out.

The training to get all noses in the same direction during an organizational improvement project or a tool design project in a service organization. The USM Boostcamp is ideally suited for IT teams and IT companies but is also applicable to any other line of business.
IT people are used to think and act in terms of structure, service agreements, and tools, to control their routines.
In IT,  control is core business, because customers are highly dependent on IT facilities. If you want to quickly deploy the usual ITIL, COBIT, or any other set of practices, or if you want to meet any ISO requirements, you can use USM to make a lightning start. Employees of other facility teams (building management, security, human resources, finance, etc.) can also join the training if they want to contribute to an Enterprise Service Management strategy.

USM is an eye-opener, even for seasoned experts. After a USM training, you’ll never see Service Management through the same eyes.

The USM training is a minimum requirement for consultants or trainers who want to use the free project/training resources of the SURVUZ Foundation.

As son as corona allows for mit, we can offer a USM Boostcamp ON-SITE.
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Employees learn to understand each other better with USM. Standardization of routines (across multiple disciplines and organizational units) is now within reach. Supporting tools can be set up more easily and effectively with USM.


USM training emphasizes the process design of the service organization and its routines. After all, processes are the shortest and most efficient way to customer-relevant goals. USM goes one step further and focuses entirely on the workflows that ultimately define how the work is organized. Organizations that strongly focus on hierarchical or project-based routines - or even have based their organizational structure on it - can thus gain a lot in effectiveness and efficiency. The USM Boostcamp follows the content of the USM Foundation Syllabus.

The ONLINE USM Boostcamp offers the following:

  • three days with six 2-3 hour blocks in an online setting
  • full USM Foundation program, but with extra exercises where participants learn to translate the USM method to their own situation, and extra time for discussions
  • USM Foundation exam at the end of the third day, so that you can return to your office with a USM certificate in your pocket
  • your personal ticket for the online USM study guide


The USM Boostcamp is either aligned to timeslots that suit EMEA & Asia-Pacific or to time slots for EMEA & Americas.

Time slots for Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia:

  • 08:30-11:00 CEST
  • 14:00-17:00 CEST

Time slots for Europe, Middle East, Africa & Americas:

  • 13:30-16:00 CEST
  • 19:00-22:00 CEST


USM knowledge is tested with the USM Foundation Exam. Successful candidates can (with their permission) be registered in the USM Register. The online exam is included in the USM Boostcamp.


The USM method is easy to learn. You only require a solid dose of logical thinking, and the willingness to think out-of-the-box, as USM is very different from the old thinking of framework-based approaches with best practices as the basic guidance.

Group size

The training is suitable for groups of 5-8 participants. Where an onsite training may allow for up to 12 participants, the online setting limits this to a maximum of 8, so all participants can get proper attention in their learning process.


This online USM Boostcamp is delivered in English. For a Dutch version, check the shop section on training.


Feedback on the latest three-day online versions of the USM Boostcamp:

  • "This course is highly recommended. USM belongs in the baggage of every IT manager (actually every person responsible for anything in a service organization) and every service management consultant. [director training organization, ITIL ATO]
  • "It was a great pleasure to understand and read the book and to follow this Boostcamp, thanks!" [director of application management organization]
  • "Excellent training that meets expectations. The trainer inspires and triggers participants." [manager IT service provider]
  • "I have found your book and training very instructive. It is finally an answer that can take me further after years of working with ITIL." [management consultant]
  • "Thanks for a great course!" [management consultant and trainer]
  • "Great course and very well delivered!" [management consultant and trainer]
  • "Thank you for the excellent training." [management consultant]

Average evaluation score of the Dutch Boostcamp version in 2020: 8.9
Average evaluation score of the English Boostcamp version in 2020: 9.4

See the [Register] tab for dates.

Service organizations that want to get their organization in order can use USM, the Unified Service Management method. USM training deals with the management system of service providers. Participants learn to make practical choices with USM for managing their own service organization. These choices are well-founded and easy to understand because they are based on an easy-to-learn but very powerful service management architecture with a unique set of service management principles. This creates insight and tranquility in the organization, its management, and its routines - which is a precondition for a structural improvement of the organization's performance. USM is an essential asset for any supply chain or network of service providers.

The USM Boostcamp can be used for all 'secondary' service providers (from IT to building management, from human resources to security and cleaning), but is also suitable for service organizations from the 'primary' domain, including municipalities, telcos, healthcare institutions, etc. Every USM training can be tailored to the client's discipline.

Target domain: Service organizations that want to work in a uniform way,  according to the latest insights, with easily learnable and logical routines.

Organizations that strive for Customer Excellence, and that want to be able to achieve this with their own employees, without excessive dependence on external consultants, can find a paved way to that goal with USM.

Training programs in Facility Management, Business Administration, HRM, Financial Management, etc., pay very limited attention to concrete management systems. For that reason, employees in those disciplines often have a disadvantage compared to IT employees, where management systems have become very common, due to the extreme dependence on IT facilities. Basic knowledge is therefore required to quickly understand the USM method and to reap the benefits.

  • Participants in the training are both the managers who are responsible for an organizational improvement project and the employees who have to learn to work in an organization that uses the USM method. And of course, any consultant who wants to be able to guide a client quickly towards a Customer Excellence maturity level.

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