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Mijn blog posts gaan steeds over vraagstukken uit het vakgebied servicemanagement. Lees ook de vele artikelen die elders gepubliceerd zijn: kies daarvoor PUBLICATIES.


The wrong end of the stick: rules vs. principles

ICT regulators and controllers tend to follow a rule-based approach. Although – if asked – they soon enough admit that they actually don’t believe it is the right approach. They would love to see their target audience being so well organized that they can stand up to any test. They know that a rule-based approach […]


ITIL, or rather ITSL, or even ITSML?

Should ITIL change its name from IT Infrastructure Library to IT Service Library? Or should the M for Management be added to it, to cover ITSML, IT Service Management Library? The statement that ITIL would only be about infrastructure management and used by infrastructure service providers is a fundamental misunderstanding. ITIL has been about service […]

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SLA or BLA? Or would you prefer ISA?

A posting in one of the many ITIL groups at Linkedin said “Service Level Agreement vs. Business Level Agreement. There is an new trend where for definition of value and benefits of ICT for business is considered BLA instead of SLA. In other words measuring of ICT performance by real business achievements and goals fulfillment. […]

ITIL process templates – a contradictio in terminis?

On a regular base, I run into people looking for “ITIL process templates”. In fact, if you Google for that, you can find an entire market for that product. I still am kind of surprised that this is even possible. Aren’t they all making a fundamental mistake? ITIL is a set of practices (it says […]