The ISM Method - Past, Present and Future of IT Service Management

Inform-IT produced a very exciting new title, on a missing gap in IT Service Management: the implemenation method. Covering best practices from the last two decades as published in well-known resorces like ITIL, MOF, COBIT, ASL, BiSL, the ISM Method finally provides organizations with essential guidance on the introduction and improvement of service organizations.

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Visualize your ISO 20000 projects with our exclusive Poster Kit

ISO20000 is attracting more and more attention. Hundreds of organizations have been certified now. Inform-IT produced the two leading books on ISO20000. Based on these books, we also developed the ISO200000 Poster Kit to support implementation projects.
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Inform-IT delivers Cross-reference MOF-ITIL to Microsoft

In this Cross reference, Microsoft illustrates how MOF and ITIL play leap-frog. The Cross-reference offers a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences of both frameworks. Since 1999 Microsoft offers its own framework for IT Service Management. The analogy with ITIL has always been clear, which is quite obvious as both frameworks offer documented 'best practice' guidance for IT Service Management. There are plenty of interesting differences though.

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