The ISM Method

The ISM method (Integrated Service Management) is the fastest growing service-focused framework for IT Service Management with an implementation method and support. ISM is already accepted as a standard in the netherlands. ISM is aligned with ITIL and ASL but distinguishes itself by means of structure, simplicity, and applicability, and especially because it's not a reference model but an implementation method. Many organizations work identically with the standardized ISM framework. The combination of framework, implementation method and support enables a swift implementation and measurable successes in practice.

The book "The ISM Method: Past, Present and Future of IT Service Management" was produced by Inform-IT, authored by Servitect, and describes a revolutionary approach on how to successfully implement IT service management (ITSM) in an easier, faster, cheaper, and especially more effective way.

The book is available in Dutch and in English. More information here.


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