icon-examen-100Inform-IT is the accredited exam organization for USM exams.

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The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions and is taken online, in 1 hour. Candidates will pass if they answer at least 26 questions correctly. Each candidate receives a personalized set of questions, balanced over various categories. Candidates are required to identify themselves to the invigilator. Aids are not permitted in the examination.

Results and certificates

Exam results will be communicated to candidates immediately after the exam, and if they passed the exam they will receive their certificate within 2 days. With their permission, candidates that have passed will be listed in the USM Register.


The best preparation for an exam is classroom training. Classroom training is not required for the exam. You can prepare through self-study, in combination with the book “The USM method“.

Dates and locations

Open enrollment exams are taken every quarter. The exams are taken online with camera surveillance.


Exam USM Foundation: €150 per candidate. Retake of the exam: €50.
Prices ex VAT. VAT can be transferred to the local countries.


Read the USM Syllabus.